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Handshouse Studio, a 501c3 non-profit organization, is dedicated to the education of the public and the perpetuation of the arts, history, and science while emphasizing a hands-on approach. In its few years of operation, Handshouse Studio has hosted educational workshops, collaborated with a wide range of educational institutions and has worked with public media organizations such as National Geographic Magazine, National Geographic Today, WGBH public television, and PBS’s NOVA.

Through the intense and intensive investigation of a single object in history, we can open doors to a wide range of related subjects that are usually studied separately. Handshouse is dedicated to developing programs that provide an interrelated educational format by linking subjects -- including history, science, mathematics, literature, arts, culture, and technology -- through the study of a single object and moment in time. Through this method, we provide a richly layered understanding of the moment in history, a literally three-dimensional view of the object and an interactive and engaging method of learning how this object fit into its world and what part it has played in the creation of our world today.

This is best illustrated by using the Turtle as an example. Click here.

About the Principals

Rick Brown is President of Handshouse Studio, Inc., and, since 1983, professor of sculpture at Massachusetts College of Art. He received a Master of Architecture in 1987 from Harvard University Graduate School of Design, a Master of Fine Arts from Washington University School of Fine Arts, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia. He is the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including the Massachusetts Artists Foundation Finalists Grant for Sculpture, Massachusetts Artists Foundation Finalists Grant for Environmental Design, the National Endowment for the Arts Funding for Sculpture Installation (Decordova Museum Lincoln, Mass.), a Ford Foundation Grant, and the Goldsmith Award, Brooks Memorial Art Gallery, Memphis, Tenn.

His professional activities generally involve doing, then teaching and lecturing about what he has learned. For example, after participating in the research of ancient Egyptian methods for raising an obelisk along with his partner, Laura, they both developed the design of scale models and a plan for a team of volunteers to successfully raise a huge granite obelisk in Chelmsford, Mass. This successful project was made into a PBS documentary. He and Laura lectured and toured the country demonstrating those models at the Boston Museum of Science, the Children's Museum of Manhattan, the University of Puget Sound, and Oberlin College.

Rick Brown's Resume
Laura Brown's Resume

Laura Brown is Rick Brown's partner in every sense of that word, as well as an educator, sculptor, artist, and builder in her own right. With degrees in Fine Arts from the Massachusetts College of Art and the University of Massachusetts, Laura was a member of the 3D Department at Mass Art from 1996 to 2002. During that time, she served as Curator for an outdoor sculpture exhibition for the City of Boston's ParkARTS program located in twelve parks throughout the city and the Boston Common for First Night 2000. She has traveled and lectured extensively on her wide variety of interests. Among her skills are exhibition design and installation, architectural design and building, woodworking, foundry, welding, earth technology, concrete, paper making and photography.

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